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Clinic Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30
Saturday 8:30-1:00

Boarding Prices

K-9 under 20 lbs $14.00 a night

21-45 lbs $19.00 a night

46-65 lbs $30.00 a night

Over 66 lbs $32.00 a night

Felines $12.00 a night

Meet Our Staff

Treating Your Family Like Our Family

Dr. Gerald R Skees DVM graduated from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1976. Upon graduation, he started working as an equine veterinarian in rural New Mexico and built a successful animal hospital that served large and small animals by the year 1986. His time as a rural veterinarian gave him ample experience for surgery and economical medicine. In 2001, he moved to the Atlanta area with his family. He created Family Pet Hospital in 2003 with the goal to bring his unique experience to the Woodstock area and provide a friendly and welcome atmosphere for people and their beloved pets. Dr. Skees has worked in multi-doctor practices but has also worked in very rural areas as the sole practitioner. Consequently, he was given the opportunity to gain experience in all disciplines, including emergency care, surgery, and preventative medicine. He has performed such surgeries as diaphragmatic hernia repair, splenectomies, and enucleations, all of which are routinely referred to specialists.

Having worked in a rural, economically stressed community, Dr. Skees was challenged to learn how to treat patients with limited resources and diagnostic techniques. Although he now has access to the latest technology and diagnostic tools, he blends his rural experience with current techniques to provide the most economical approach to your pet’s health. Current clients appreciate this attribute because it usually saves them money on some of the more routine visits to the veterinary hospital.

Even though Dr. Skees has been practicing many years, he prides himself on staying abreast with the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. He acquires at least twice the number of hours of continuing education required by all the state boards of which he is a member, attending both local seminars and national meetings. He subscribes to several journals that provide the latest developments in the field of veterinary medicine, as well as articles from colleagues with interesting cases. He is also a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association (GVMA).

Dr. Skees


Dr. Isbell

Dr. Isbell works as a relief veterinarian at Family Hospital.

Dr. Isbell owned and practiced veterinary medicine at Isbell Animal Clinic in Gadsden, Alabama for 46 years.  He sold his practice in 2000 but continued to work there 2-3 days a week for the clinic’s new owner. In July 2008 he moved to Woodstock, GA. All 3 of his children, as well as his 5 grandchildren, live in the area.

Jessica – Practice Manager

Jessica is the smiling face you will see when you walk through our doors. She joined the Family Pet Hospital Team in 2014. She excels at making nervous pets and their parents comfortable at our hospital.She stays updated on continuing education articles and courses to be sure that your pet receives the best care possible and that you receive the quality service you deserve.She enjoys painting, watching movies, and spending time with her pets. The two loves of her life are her Golden Retriever mix, Bear, and her cat, Dahlia.


Tori – Assistant Manager/ Head Tech

Tori joined the Family Pet Hospital team in November of 2015. She genuinely loves every animal that walks through our doors and has no problem showing it. She assists all clients and patients with the utmost professionalism and compassion. She is always excited to get to know you and your furry family, and she believes that educating clients about their pet’s health is essential in the veterinary field. Tori is currently enrolled in Penn Foster for the Veterinary Technician Program.

Destiny – Veterinary Assistant

Destiny came to work at Family Pet Hospital in 2016. She is also enrolled at Penn Foster for the Veterinary Technician Program.As part of our well-rounded veterinary team, Destiny attends monthly educational meetings to stay in tune with current recommendations for your pet’s health.The two loves of her life are her Boxer mix, Bella, and cat, Odin.


Sable – Veterinary Assistant

Sable began working at Family Pet Hospital in 2016. Since the beginning Sable has been going above and beyond to provide for your pet. Sable enjoys going to monthly education meetings to keep improving her knowledge of veterinary medicine. In her spare time Sable loves be creative. She was a recent attendee at Savannah College of Art and Design. She loves bringing joy to every person and animal she meets.

Alicia - Head Kennel Tech

Alicia has been working at Family Pet Hospital for 5 years as the head kennel tech. She takes excellent care of all the dogs and cats that are boarding with us. Alicia feeds, walks, and plays with all the pets that come to visit Family Pet Hospital. We are not surprised to find Alicia sitting in a boarder’s run, giving some TLC.


Sydney – Kennel Technician

Sydney is a genuine animal lover with a special interest in behavior and training. She has a way with dogs and cats where they love her and are very comfortable when she is caring for them.Know that your pets are in good hands when they stay with our kennel staff. Sydney and Alicia or two of the finest in the area.

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